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Erica Kovitz helps fix woman's botched Microblading

Crystal Weinstock of Texas, is speaking out and warning others following her “beyond embarrassing” microblading experience.

On a social media post, Crystal shared she had gone to get her eyebrows microbladed at Kai Brow Bar.

"She continued to blame my skin, and refused to admit that this was an F up job. She said after a year of microblading she is a master of what she does."

Crystal wanted to share her horrifying experience. "I need others to know that this is not okay, she was negligent in drinking on the job and encouraged me that it was okay to drink not knowing how this turned out," Crystal added.

After, Crystal spent days sharing her horrifying experience on social media. Erica Kovitz, a celebrity Microblading artist based out of Beverly Hills, CA offered to correct Weinstock's eyebrows free of charge and even started a GoFundMe to help with her travel expenses. When Kovitz first saw her post, she thought it was a joke. When she realized this was real, her heart broke for this young woman. "Everyone should love their brows and not be afraid to look in the mirror." Erica posted. Kovitz knew it was crucial to start the removal process immediately to try to dissolve as much of the pigment as possible.

On day 7, Crystal flew to California and met with Kovitz and her team. "We anticipate she will need a few removal sessions (eight weeks apart). Once her skin is fully healed and most of the pigment is dissolved, we can assess what kind of Microblading procedure would be best. Erica offered a free Microblading session once the removal process was complete.

Kovitz shared an update on her Tiki Tok showing before and after pictures of Weinstock's eyebrows which had lightened by about 35% and her skin was healing beautifully. They are planning the next session in Beverly Hills and will keep providing updates.

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