Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the procedure take?

Regular Microblading takes about 2 Hours Combo 3D Brows 3.5 Hours Clients with NO hair (Alopecia) Need to contact our coordinator. We have a seperate appointment with more time aloted. This procedure cannot be rushed. Average 4-5 Hours.

Do I need a consultation?

We reserve about 3+ hours for each appointment to give us plenty of time to discuss client concerns,brow design and questions regarding the procedure. Our artist work with all types of brow shapes and designs. If a client has no hair, that will not be a problem. Due to the high demand in services our skilled artists do not do consultations unless you have alopecia or scarring that we would need to inspect. Make sure to read our FAQ section to educate yourself on what is required for the microblading procedure.

What tools do we use?

We use high end medical grade, stainess steel disposable one time use microblades for all procedures.

What pigments do we use?

We use organic, vegan, metal free pigments that do not contain high levels of metals in them. Imported from Germany. Our 5th generation pigments are the best in the world.

Does Microblading Hurt?

We use a medical grade Lido/Benz/Tetr 20% numbing creme. Pain is a 2 out of a 10. Clients have different pain threshhold. It is best to not microblade during your menstrual cycle if you are sensitive to pain.

Who is NOT a good candidate for microblading?

People who are: -People who are pregnant or breastfeeding -Diabetic, HIV, Hepatitis -Heart Conditions -Taking Thyroid medications (Can= affect retention) -Has done botox within 2 week period -Prone to Seizures -Undergoing chemotherapy (best to get doctor approval) -Prone to keloid scarring -Has had previous microblading and shape and color have been effected. Our artist need to approve all previous microblading.

How long does it last?

Results vary depending on your skin type and lifetstyle. Normal to dry skin - up to 2 years (touch-ups recommended every 18 months on average) T-zone/Oily - will need touch ups more frequently. (touch ups recommended once a year) Very oily skin can cause fading and touch ups are needed more frequently. Medications can affect your retention and can cause fading much quicker (Anti-Anxiety, thyroid, heart meds etc...)

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanant make-up procedure that allows the artist to reconstruct a persons eyebrows. It is possible to achieve the most natural finish or a bolder looking effect. Microblading is performed by depositing the pigment under the epidermal layer of the skin by a hand held manual blade.This is an art and resuts vary depending on diffrent factors. Client skintype, health and lifestyle.

What are Combo 3D Brows?

Sometimes microblading strokes are just not enough. Combo 3D Brows adds a a beautiful blend of both strokes and shading. For clients who over plucked, have little to no brow hair and want to go thicker. 3D Combo brows are highly recommemded. The combo brows combines microblading and shading to give your new brow design more density. If you are unsure, you can add the 3d Combo during your consultation the day of your service.

What is the procedure process like?

  1. Upon arrival, you will santize your phone and hands. Artist will begin your numbing.
  2. You wil fill out your consent forms.
  3. Brow Shaping will begin once the numbing is done. Artist will discuss your options. Bring pictures of artist microblading that you like.
  4. Brow shaping begins. Artist will customize a perfect brow shape for you. Client approval is needed.
  5. Microblading session begins

How to prepare for microblading?

  • Do not take fish oils the week of the procedure
  • Do not take ibuprofin or blood thinners the day of the procedure (do not discontinue prescriped medications without physician approval)
  • Microblading during Menstruation can cause more hypersensitivity.
  • Limit coffee intake the day of your procedure.
  • Exercising and Work outs are not recommended the morning of your procedure.
  • It is recommended to take an antihistimine if you are prone to allergies. Sneezing and congestion can be triggered during the procedure.

How long is the healing process?

  • Results vary depending on your health and age.
  • Artist will give you printed instructions and a healing balm.
  • Washing brows daily is recommended. We do not do dry healing.
  • Do not plan imortant events the first week. It takes 7-10 business days before you can begin wearing brow make up if needed.
  • The healing of your skin takes 25-35 days for the full pigment retention to occur.
  • Brows will be up to 40% darker the next few days after initial microblading.
  • Once the scabbing period is over, you will experience the "milky effect" which will look as if pigment completely dissapears. The skin will continue to heal over the next three weeks and will pull the pigment back up to the skin
  • 6-12 week perfecting touch up is scheduled

Is the perfecting touch up necessary?

The perfecting touch up is always recommended. Microblading is a two step process. The first session creates the shape while the touch up adds most of the detail and density. Correction to any loss of strokes or color can be achieved during the perfecting touch up session by giving the brows more life and a much more fullness. Touch ups are not recommended after the annual touch up. This is why it is important to not let the brows fade too much.

What are some of the risks involved with microblading & permanent cosmetics.

Semi Permanent makeup carries known and unknown complications and consequences associated with this type of procedure included but not limited to infection, scarring, inconsistent color, spreading, fanning and fading of the ink. The actual color of the pigment may be modified slightly due to health, tone and color of the client skin. This is why it is very important to follow our after care instructions.

How often do I need to return after the first two sessions of Microblading?

On average clients return once a year for an annual touch up. If you are happy with your retentions, wait until you need to refresh your strokes.

What if I cannot get in with my intial artist Erica for an annual touch up?

Erica can get very booked and has limited availability. If you wish to book with Joanna you may at a lower price. Joanna trained under Erica and has a few years of experience. She uses the same high grade quality products and is able to view the colors that Erica used during your initial Microblading sessions. For more information, please contact our coordinator at 310.853.0744.

What type of pigments are used?

Erica & Joanna both use Phi Pigments LC uses Tina Davies

Why are consultations not available for Microblading?

Our artists are extremely busy and cannot meet with every client. They are highly skilled and can work on any style of brow shape and skin type. If you have concerns about your brows, you are welcome to email us pictures facing natural light. We can answer any questions you may have or call/text our coordinator at 310.853.0744 If you have questions about a medical condition or contraindication, please contact our coordinator.

Who is inelgible for Microblading?

-Under the age of 18 -Pregnant or Nursing -Diabetics (Can get clearance from a physician) -Skin diseases in area of treatment (Shingles, Ezcema, psoriasis, roseacea) -History of Keloids -History of Skin Cancer -Accutane (Past Year) -Botox 2 weeks prior to appointment. (Best to get botox after microblading) -Autoimmune disorders (please contact us directly to clarify) For any questions, contact 310.853.0744

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