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Erica Kovitz exclusively utilizes the world's highest-quality microblading pigments - PhiBrows Super Pigments. These pigments have been lauded for their exceptional purity and effectiveness at producing optimal microblading and permanent make-up results. As microblading professionals are well aware, the quality of pigments utilized during the process can significantly impact the final result. Lower-quality pigments on the market can be unstable and eventually result in unsightly orange or blue/gray undertones, leading to discoloration of the eyebrows. Art of Beauty understands this issue and constantly refines their pigment formulas based on feedback from their PMU artists to deliver unparalleled, top-notch results. The highly-anticipated PhiBrows Super Pigments are a revolutionary, game-changing formula designed to prevent unwelcome color shifts.

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How Does the Choice of Pigment Affect the Results of Microblading?

Being aware of the pigment ingredients and their behavior in the skin is paramount to both PMU artists and their clients. The selection of the suitable shade for the customer is one of the critical phases of the microblading process. PhiBrows artists undergo extensive training where they acquire expertise in proper shade matching. With experience comes knowledge, and a skilled artist comprehends that the color undertakes specific alterations once injected into the skin. Hence, they can anticipate the outcome beforehand and change the color accordingly to achieve the envisioned result.


Instability and Why It Happens?

Regrettably, pigments that are of poor quality have a tendency to undergo significant changes in the skin. Due to their instability, we cannot predict their color accurately, and it looks entirely different once applied in the skin. Moreover, after a certain period of time, its shade fades into orange or gray. This is because the body tends to identify low-quality formulae as foreign objects and, therefore, works meticulously to dissolve the pigment. However, certain fragments of the pigment linger in the skin leading to unfavorable outcomes. The extent of the response mostly depends on the ingredients that were used in the pigment- lower-quality ingredients lead to poorer results. One concerning aspect is that some substandard pigments don't list all of the ingredients. To keep prices down, some artists employ cheaper supplies, and therefore, if the treatment's cost is too good to be realistic, it's better to look for other alternatives.


Revolutionary Improvements

The newly created formulation of the well-known shades is highly stable and guarantees no unattractive color changes with fading and no pigment migration. What makes this formula stand apart from the rest is its exceptional cleanliness, as the body perceives it as a natural element, thereby ensuring greater stability. In addition, the formula's ability to retain color once applied in the skin is remarkable and highly appreciated among PhiBrows artists, as it eliminates the need for extra skill or guesswork. Also, the formula is highly durable, even for those with oily skin. As a PhiBrows artist, this feature is highly advantageous, especially if you're just starting out. Your clients will rejoice in the fact that recovery time with this new SUPER formula is much shorter, which means they can return to their everyday routine without any delays.


Every pigment particle is coated in this a bioinert material, which prevents the release of any toxic substance from the material it coats. This ensures that there is absolutely no negative interaction between the pigment and the tissue.


The purity of our pigments enable faster healing and extreme stability. Even more important: It ensures safety and health of your clients!


Our Pigments

High-quality Microblading Color - an Absolute Must

PhiBrows pigments are high-quality microblading colors used during cosmetic treatments. Along with blades, pigments are the most important part of a microblading treatment. Ultimately, choosing the best microblading pigment determines what the result will look like. PhiBrows knows just how important quality is. That is why we are constantly improving our and are currently on the 5th generation of microblading color. These colors are more intense than ever before and will maintain the original shade, even over time.


Microblading Ink: Color for every Hair Type

When applying microblading color, choosing the perfect pigment isn't easy. Different hair colors and skin tone will require shades that fit every person individually. 

Due to our microblading color's long development process, it is now possible to create individual shades exactly. We've created a nuanced microblading color that covers every skin type and hair color imaginable. From blonde to redhead – there's a suitable shade for everyone. This makes microblading look natural and you can hardly tell it from natural hair. Our innovative microblading color range is every bit as diverse as our customers.


Pigment that Keeps its Promise

Microblading color can be divided into 2 broad categories depending on how it’s produced: iron oxides or synthetic pigments. Both of these types of pigment contain the 3 basic colors red, black and yellow. And what’s the difference? Different shades fade faster. With iron oxides black tone fades faster, while with synthetic pigment, the red tone tends to be the one to fade. However, both types have different but major advantages. 

The idea behind the PhiBrows microblading color was to create an eyebrow pigment that combines iron oxides and synthetic pigments to take advantage of both types. This is how the high-quality microblading ink SUP, SUPE, and SUPER were created.


Microblading color: the 5th generation

SUP represents the third generation in the revolutionary development of the best microblading pigments. The SUP formula uses red iron oxides, whereas the black and yellow are synthetic. The result is a pigment that doesn't fade to an undesirable greyish purple or pure red.

After years of research, SUPE as the 4th generation and SUPER as the 5th generation are using a technology that sets completely new standards. Here, not only the stability but also the clean nature of the microblading color comes to the fore. The vision is clear: a pigment as completely clean as a vial of intravenous injection solution and as stable as any pigment known to date. When you buy this microblading color, you'll be buying the results of our years of research into the best eyebrow pigment.


My name is Erica Kovitz

"I take great pride in exclusively using the most pristine and superior pigments available globally, as my valued clients deserve uncompromised quality."


Erica Kovitz
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