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2 Day Microblading Training

Microblading Training

For microblading,training customization is key and it is an art that requires tailored training. Regardless of your experience level, my training ensures that it meets your unique needs by conducting private 1:1 or 2:1 sessions. With more than nine years in permanent makeup, I am confident to provide mentorship to aspiring microblading artists using only high-quality tools and pigments. Diligent dedication is all you need to excel in this field. The training is divided into three phases: phase 1 involves learning the basics, phase 2 includes microblading on skin sheets along with knowledge of brow shaping, skin anatomy, healing, and the curriculum. Finally, in phase 3, apprenticeship is offered to gain hands-on experience in designing brows and observing the perfect touch-ups and annual maintenance for better client retention. It is truly an invaluable experience.

Erica Kovitz

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TRAININGS for training dates

  • Microblading Class

    In Person, 2 Day Training.
    Valid for one month
    • Fundamentals, Brow Design, Consent Forms & Practice Kit
    • Payments: Venmo, Zelle or Cash.
    • Premium Microblading Kit sold separately
  • Microblading Kit

    Premium Starter Kit.
    Valid for one month
    • This kit includes everything you need to do a full procedure
    • Payments: Venmo, Zelle or Cash.
  • Apprenticeship

    Microblading Apprenticeship with Erica Kovitz.
    Valid for one month
    • 30 Days of shadowing Erica Kovitz during working hours
    • Payments: Venmo, Zelle or Cash.


To enroll, simply send an email to EK@EKBHBEAUTY.COM and we will follow up with an invoice for the deposit. The remainder of the balance is expected to be paid on the day of the class.


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2 DAY 

Erica Kovitz is offering a two-day course on the Microblading Fundamentals, which is recommended to be taken on two separate days within a week or two for the optimal learning experience.


  • The Art of Microblading

  • Skin

  • Brow Design & Shaping

  • Consent Forms Provided

  • Training Manual

  • Practice Manual

  • Microblading Techniques

  • Pigments (Color Theory)

  • Contraindications

  • Lunch Provided

  • Practice Kit (Limited Practice Tools)

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This is a comprehensive kit that includes all the necessary instruments for carrying out a Microblading procedure, from start to finish, on either a model or a client.


  • Premium Pigments 3 Colors

  • Zensa Numbing 

  • Brow Ruler 

  • Exacto Knife 

  • China Markers 

  • Threading String

  • Pigment Application Wands 

  • Pigment Rings 

  • Green Soap

  • Squeeze Bottle 

  • 30 Microblades Handles

  • 30 Microblade U Blades

  • Toothpicks (Mixing)

  • Large Training Case 

  • Hand Mirror

  • Latex Skin Sheets

  • Magnifying Glasses 

  • Mascara Spoilies 

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If you have already undergone training under the guidance of Erica Kovitz, you may be eligible to participate in an advanced 30-day apprenticeship at the EKBH VIP Studio in Beverly Hills.

  • Perfect/master your Microblading skills

  • Shadow Erica during regular business hours

  • Learn Erica's procedure protocols

  • Master Brow Shaping & Design

  • Learn how to perform a perfecting touch up

  • Reviewing Client Consent Forms

  • Master skin blading depths

  • Opportunity to work with Erica and learn her best Microblading practices

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