Your microblading career can start with Beverly Hills Microblading. 


7 Day Microblading Fundamentals Seminar

Our seminar is Taught by our Lead Artist Erica Arana Kovitz.  it is designed to teach the following skills:

Day 1-2

  • Microblading Strokes (Erica's style of microblading, learn her classic & fluffy sttyles

  • Brow Shaping & Design

  • Color Theory , premium pigment recommendations

  • 1 Full day Brow Mapping with string method & symmetry app

  • Understanding different types of skin to achieve the best results

  • Conducting a consultation & taking client notes

  • Safety, Sterilization & Microblaing Protocols

  • 2 Live Microblading demonstration - Take Home Videos 

  • Required paperwork for obtaining your license and body art practitioner permits (Every County has their own requirements)

  • Photo apps used for Beverly Hills Microblading's social media

  • Consent forms & Video Drive 

  • 2 live microblading demos

  • Understanding the lymphatic system

  • Problematic Skin

  • Microblading Post & Aftercare

  • Certificate 

Day 3-4

  • 4 Days of shadowing Lead Artist 

  • Apprenticeship



TOTAL $3800

($600 deposit must be made to reserve your seat)

if you wish to schedule a supervised microblading session on a live model 

Additional cost is optional:

1 Live model for $695

(Full Payment is due 48 hours before class begins)


We value the work we do and do not feel it is responsible to allow students to work on a live model after a 2 day beginners training. once you have perfected your  brow strokes / skin sheets and the educator feels that you are ready to  work on your first model. Appointment is scheduled and our lead artist will monitor the entire procedure from start to finish.



1 Day Advanced Microblading + Soft Stroke Shading

1 Day Advanced Microblading + Soft Stroke Shading (PMU Machine Included)

Recommended only for Advanced students who complete our beginner program or any other microblading artist who has been microblading for a year or longer.  Please submit your work to our team to be approved for this course. if you are looking to gain further knowledge and learn the secrets of our Beverly Hills Microblading artists. This option is great for you. In one day course is private and will help you perfect your microblading skills by receiving feedback from our instructor and lead artist Erica.  She will help you become the best microblading artist you can be.  We customize the curriculum to help you improve your skills.  During your private course, Erica will teach you her patterns for classic and fluffy strokes.  As a bonus, she will teach you her signature soft stroke shading with PMU machine. (Machine not included in training) 

Curriculum options to chose from:

  • Extensive Brow Mapping with adhesive rule, Microblading symmetry app & string method

  • Man Brows 

  • Soft Stroke Microshading with PMU Machine & Diluting the pigment for beautiful results 

  • Complimentary 1 Days of shadowing during regular business hours.

  • Perfecting Strokes. Learn Erica's style of Microblading (Classic & Fluffy)



     (Deposit $600)

Microblading Men

1 Day Private

Early Registration $1600

Microblading for men differs from the strokes we use for women. Learn our style of Natural Microblading for Men.  This training will teach you our lead artist microblading,   natural shading & brow shaping techniques. This is an advanced course for artists who have microblading experience.

(* Due to high demand, private course can include up to 2 students)

Student Testimonials

(Google Reviews)

You can tell when someone genuinely cares for their students when they are constantly right there by your side sharing their techniques with you along with constantly giving me feedback, whether it was a compliment or an opportunity. I couldn't have chosen a better instructor while making my way into this PMU industry. The boutique is tastefully decorated, and Erica maintains a very professional and luxury work environment. People don't realize that you, yourself, have to put in the work while learning as well. As long as you are putting in the practice, you will definitely succeed after taking Erica's Beginners and Advanced class. Not to mention, there are so many more options to learn after just microblading. My experience here as her student has been phenominal and I would recommend it to anybody who is passionate and serious about getting into the PMU industry. You will definitely receive strong support as long as you are investing in yourself as well.

Joanna C. - IG @EliteBeautyArtist

I was a student for the advanced blading and shading (with brow mapping) course. Erica and Brandee were so amazing & helpful. They were super nice and very thorough with teaching the material. They made the class fun & you could tell they weren’t just in it for the $, but they truly care about their students and clients. I will definitely come back for any future training that I need. And of course to get microblading, they are the best at that too!! 😻If you are looking for any microblading training, I highly recommend!!!

Jamie J.

After 6 years as a multi-certified, advanced cosmetologist my business partner/salon owner practically begged me to take a microblading course. Immediately my response was no. I had seen “Microblading” on my personal clients and was truly turned off to it. It was nothing I thought I wanted my name to be attached to. Day after day, she continued doing her best to convince me that “Microblading was going to be my art” (her words exact)! I set out to research, for months. Finding there was actually Microblading that looked AMAZING. The hours I spent researching Microblading studios and trainings was truly extensive. I knew If I was going to do this, I would KNOW when I found the right place to be trained. Once I came across BHM, I KNEW!!!! I am forever thankful I chose Beverly Hills Microblading. Erica far exceeded my expectations with her training. Her skill as a Microblading artist is unparalleled, as well as an instructor. Months after training, she still goes out of her way to check in, and has never failed to answer any questions I’ve had since I left Beverly Hills. I’m proud to forever be her first certified artist in Texas.

Cassie M.

After spending several months researching Microblading training instructors, I finally decided to go with Beverly Hills Microblading's 3 day course. By far one of the best decisions I have ever made. The training course provided me all of the information and tools necessary to begin my microblading career, which I attribute to not only the knowledge from the instructors but also the small class size allowing a more intimate learning experience. My only regret is not having done it sooner. Erica is professional, generous with her information and answers all of my questions, even after the training. The 3 day course includes a 7 day apprenticeship (at NO EXTRA COST!) which was one of the reasons why I decided to enroll with Beverly Hills Microblading. To come in and see firsthand from start to finish how to set up your work station, work directly with the client in a consultation, brow map, brow shape, color match, Microblade, sanitize and clean up, has provided me invaluable knowledge and experience that no other training offers. Both Erica and Brandee are true professionals at what they do. They are honest with both the apprentice and the clients about realistic expectations, the healing process and touch-up and building brows over time. These ladies are brilliant and always aim to provide a service that they are extremely passionate about and experts at. The premium kit provided has everything that I need to microblade my first 30 clients and I have full access to an online documentation folder with TONS of information which is constantly updated. The online documentation folder includes client consent forms, brow stencils, resources, purchase lists, inventory lists and links, just to name a few. Overall my experience has been exceptional with Beverly Hills Microblading and I encourage anyone on the fence, to properly research any trainer you are considering because few are operating with the integrity, generosity, full transparency and a level of skillset that Beverly Hills Microblading provides.

Luz. P

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