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Erica Kovitz


Erica Arana Kovitz is a world-renowned celebrity Microblading artist based in Beverly Hills, CA. Known for her exceptional talent, she has been featured on E!’s hit show ‘Botched’ (S07 E04), where she performed eyebrow transformations on none other than the famed celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif. Erica is the owner and lead artist at both Beverly Hills Microblading and Erica Kovitz Beverly Hills, two vastly successful locations just doors down from each other in the heart of Beverly Hills. In addition to her Microblading studios, Erica is the proud owner of The Tanning Boutique, located in West Beverly Hills. 


As a former NFL Cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, Erica was awarded the prestigious 5-6-7-8 award during her rookie year for her exceptional dedication and hard work. With her inherent passion for sports and beauty, Erica was later appointed as an ambassador for the Oakland Raiders, and traveled internationally to promote the NFL. 


Erica's impressive expertise in the Medical Spa & Beauty industry spans over a decade, giving her extensive knowledge of skin & aesthetics. As a perfectionist by definition, she takes great pride in her work, always in search of the latest beauty trends. It's no surprise that due to her remarkable talent and experience, Erica has been invited to speak at the Vegas PMU Conference for four consecutive years in a row. Additionally, she has been asked to be a guest judge for UCLA Spirit Squad and Las Vegas NFL Cheerleader Raiderette auditions. Not only is Erica recognized as a top Microblading artist in the world, but she is also a speaker, judge, and mentor to aspiring Microblading artists.



Erica Kovitz was a guest on the popular show "Botched" on E!, where she expertly performed microblading on Dr. Paul Nassif's eyebrows.


Erica Kovitz exclusively uses the purest Microblading pigments available. These pigments are entirely vegan and metal-free, sourced from Germany, and contain only low levels of metals. This super pigment revolutionizes the industry's standards with its exceptional qualities, including unparalleled stability and cleanliness. It is non-magnetized, contains almost PURE formula that does not separate into components or leave an oily residue. Its innovative formula blends seamlessly with human organisms, ensuring a true-to-color appearance even on oily skin. Additionally, it reduces healing time and never bleeds or heals red.

Microblading Experience

Beverly Hills Microblading is your destination for Natural & Beautiful Microbladed Eyebrows.  Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, we are the first dedicated Microblading store front in Los Angeles.

Step 1: Consultation

Custom tailored brows just for you.  During your one-on-one consultation our microblading experts will find out more about you and answer any questions you might have about this exciting procedure.

Step 2: Discuss Desired Brow Shape

Our Microblading experts will take their time with you to come up with a brow shape that compliments your facial features.

Step 3: Numbing

High grade topical anesthetic is applied for a pain free procedure.

Step 4: Eyebrow Mapping 

Precise detail in marking where your brow should start and end along with finding out where your arch is naturally at its highest.

Step 5: Shaping your new brow  

A well shaped brow outline 

Step 6: Perfecting eyebrow symmetry 

Application ensures the ultimate symmetry and shape

Step 6: Approval 

You approve new brow shape before the procedure begins.  The excitement begins!

Step 7: Microblading Magic Begins

Lay down and relax. Your microblading begins.

Final Reveal : Bye Bye to drawing in your eyebrows 

Wake up and just go.  No more drawing in your eyebrows or worrying about them smudging off.  The results are beautiful & natural!

Microblading Training

Gain knowledge from a renowned Microblading expert who ranks among the best in the world...

Microblading is not just a procedure, it is an art form. As a seasoned expert in this field, I take great pride in mentoring aspiring artists and passing on my own unique style and techniques. I am committed to only using the highest quality pigments and microblading tools available, and never cut corners. It brings me joy to see other professionals advancing in their careers as a result of my guidance.


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