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Luxury Lash Lift


How long does the treatment take?
-One Hour

How long does the lash lift last?
– 8-12 weeks. (depending on your natural lash cycle)

What is the price for the Keratin Lash Lift treatment?
– $150

Is there any damage to my natural lash?
– No. the lash lift treatment  last as long as your natural eyelash cycle and they gently drop as your own eyelashes naturally shed, thus causing no damage to your natural lashes.

Is there any maintenance involved with lash lifts?
– No

Can I swim, sauna and steam room with the lash lift?
– Yes. After the initial 48 hrs of having your Yumi Lashes done, you can do anything you like when it comes to water!

Can I wear mascara with the lash lift?
– Absolutely. However most people choose not to wear mascara as they feel the effect of the Yumi Lashes is enough to pop the eyes.  Do not apply waterproof mascara 48 hours prior to your treatment.

-Can I use an eyelash growth serum?

It is not necessary, but encouraged.This will help your lashes look longer and even more beautiful.

-What is the difference between ElleeBana & Yumi lash lift? 

Both luxury brands.  The technician uses different shields.  You can discuss options once you arrive with technician to decide which product will give you the best results. 

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