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Message from Ariel

I am a licensed esthetician specializing in the enhancement of the eyes and face by providing eyelash extensions and brow design. With over 9 years of experience, I am trained and certified in classic, volume and genuine mink.  My goal is to achieve the desired and natural look that is unique to each individual's needs, while maintaining the integrity of the natural lash and brow structures. My clients are often looking to enhance their natural beauty and simplify their beauty routines by saving time every day with guaranteed flawless results. Many clients also achieve a new sense of confidence with their new set of lashes. There is nothing better than always being ready for anything. The application procedure for lashes is so relaxing that most clients tend to fall asleep. Many wake up stunned and amazed to see how gorgeous their new lashes look as every set is worked to perfection. I promise you will love your new and improved lashes or brows and that the results will speak for themselves!

With mink lashes replicating natural lashes, this set will result in a soft and natural look.  The mink lash is virtually weightless due to its hollow core and can attach to the tiniest of natural lashes.

Our most popular set, and the one I would personally recommend to most clients. It allows a fuller set, while still maintaining a “natural” look with out damaging or compromising the natural lash. This look achieves the best of both worlds by blending the thickness & shine of synthetic lashes with the softness & fullness of mink lashes.

Synthetic lashes, offer a unique blend of nylon and silk, mimicking the look of mascara by creating thickness and shine, using the classic 1:1 (natural lash to extension ratio) lash technique.

This is the fullest, most dramatic lash option. Each lash has an individual fan that Is 2D-6D. Lashes will appear uniform, and maximum fullness. This technique takes longer, full sets will need 3 hours and only 90 min fills will be possible. 

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