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Erica Kovitz

Erica Kovitz

Erica Kovitz is a world-renowned Microblading artist based in Beverly Hills. Her expertise and precision in the field have earned her a spot on E!'s 'Botched' (S07 E04), where she transformed the eyebrows of celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif. As the owner and lead artist of Beverly Hills Microblading & Erica Kovitz Beverly Hills, and The Tanning Boutique in West Beverly Hills, Erica has successfully established herself as a top name in the beauty industry. 


Prior to her work as a Microblading artist, Erica spent over a decade in the Medical Spa & Beauty industry, giving her an extensive knowledge of skin and aesthetics. Erica is also a former Pro NFL Cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders and has received several awards for her hard work and dedication. Erica traveled internationally as an ambassador for the Oakland Raiders and participated in over 50 charitable events.


Erica has been a speaker for the Vegas PMU Conference for four years and has been invited to be a guest judge at UCLA Spirit Squad and Las Vegas NFL Cheerleader Raiderette auditions. Erica's immense passion for beauty is evident in her work, and she takes great pride in providing her clients with the best quality pigments. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Erica takes great care to ensure that every detail of her work is flawless.






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Erica Kovitz was featured on the popular show "Botched" on E! TV, where they showcased her skills in microblading Dr. Paul Nassif's eyebrows.


By Erica Kovitz

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